Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun at Budget Terminal

We were at budget terminal on Monday 28th Jan, to send my cousin off. Check out my little princess.. surrounded by 3 cute princes.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A day at the playground

Daddy brought Kayla to the playground near our place. She had so much fun! When daddy wanted to help her down the slide, she said "Dont worry". Ha ha ha!

Little Kieran

Kieran's favourite toy!

As greedy as his sister! Staring at his ye ye's lunch.

This photo was taken on Xmas eve'07. You can obviously tell that he didnt enjoy his merry go round ride.

CNY clothes

Bought some traditional CNY wear for my kids. Got the pink cheongsum and blue kong fu from Hongkong and the red one here. Daddy hates the red outfit. Ha ha ha.

Daddy's Girl

Kayla is down with a minor cold today. Probably caught the virus from her classmate. Hope she recovers soon!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Check out my cool curls!

One of my favourite photos. This was taken when Kieran was about 8mths old.

Kayla's School

Kayla started her daily classes at Tumble tots on the 14th Jan, Monday. As she has attended weekend classes there last year, she is familiar with the surrounding. BUT she needs me to be within her sight every single moment! I keep telling her Mummy cannot be there.. Mummy needs to go home to cook (like real).. Mummy needs to look after Kieran etc Sometimes she understands.. sometimes she refuses to listen. Now her favourite words are "Ok, I understand.." follow by a mischievous grin. Sigh!

Kieran's 1st Birthday

No, its not kieran's birthday today. His birthday was on 26th Oct.'06. Just wanted to show some pictures.. in case some are wondering what happened to his 1st birthday celebration.. We were in Hong kong!